Frolicing in Flower Gardens

Ever notice how every time you want to frolic through a field of flowers in your heels you get stuck? What’s up with that! It’s  like your irrigating the lawn or something, but with these “flower inspired” shoes- you don’t have to frollick in actual grass because the garden follows you around. Yes, that’s right- flowers at your feet. I bet Christian Loubiton was thinking that exact thing when he found the inspiration to design these. He seems like a frolicing kind of guy.


I love, love, love these but they’re not for the timid.


Somewhat obsessed. But you would have to be careful about what you wore it with- at the risk of looking like Austin Powers or a Pirate or something. Don’t see it? Maybe it’s just me.

Less intense but just as flower-y-these Tulip Thongs are pretty much the most adorable things I’ve ever seen:


Or what about these Petal Stilettos?


Thank you Christian Louboutin for putting flowers at our feet.


Tall Short Girl


2 responses to “Frolicing in Flower Gardens

  1. I wanna that pink one
    were i could fihd tham?
    text me,please

  2. I like the pink and black heels Christian Louboutin and where i could find them and are they available in New Zealand -Auckland

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