How to Date a Shorter Guy


Alright so, your like a 5’6″ woman and your obsessed with 4″ heels which dominate your closet of shoes – but your into this guy who is teetering around 5’7″ or 5’8″ (although he says he’s 5’10”- guys tend to lie, sorry- over exaggerate, about that stuff).

Situation: He’s short and if you wear heels, your significantly taller than the little one.

How do you cope?

Do you:
A: Dump him immediately. We would just look so silly together and NO prince charming is putting flats on these feet.
B: Compromise and start wearing flats on dates. At least you’ll be able to run away faster if he turns into a Stage 5 Clinger.
C: Do nothing. Who says the guy always has to be taller? Nonsense.

My advice? Never change what your wearing to suit your man or fit in with society’s norm. Especially if you like the shorty. As a general rule of thumb, the only person you should ever change for is yourself. If he’s got a problem with being shorter than you – that’s his confidence issue- not yours. So keep rocking the shoes you want and if he EVER asks you to lower your height to satisfy his Napoleon complex- politely kiss him goodbye and strut away like the tall short girl you are.

Tall Short Girl



One response to “How to Date a Shorter Guy

  1. LOL…Hear, hear, good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say! I like your style Miss. J, keep it comin’! XX

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