Coping with Fishnet Complex During A Trend


The rocker/bondage look is back for Spring and big in shoes. Something about the heel form of it just says I’m very feminine yet I can still rock out and kick some ass. So after looking at a bunch of heels that would fall in this category of trend, I’ve decided I’m in love with this pair:

Faith Leather Fishnet Sandal by L.A.M.B. = $495 (a.k.a I’m broke)


Fishnet Shoes!? I love them.

You see I’ve always been a fan of fishnet tights and those that can wear them like a rockstar…



However, for some strange reason I cannot wear fishnets- I become a serious danger in public settings.   This powerful force comes over me where I insist on carrying a whip in my purse and then feel compelled to making every man around me call me master….Its a serious problem that I’m working on so I keep away from the tights as much as possible.

My theory?

Fishnet Tights = Too Much Fishnet = Dominatrix Complex = Dangerous in Public Settings

Fishnet Shoes = Less Fishnet = Acute Dominatrix Complex = Safe in Public Settings (Wear with caution).

Nevertheless, my admiration goes out to those that can.


Hmmm, I’m not sure whether to run away or laugh…..

So anyways,  if your anything like me and love fishnets and the rocker look but need to wear fishnets with caution (small doses only), I would definitely check out that pair by L.A.M.B. I’m dying to get. Let me know what you think of them.


Tall Short Girl



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