For those of you lovely fashionistas that usually don’t pay attention or care about what’s going on in the sporting world (much like myself most of the time), an epic fight took place in Vegas last night.  Ricky “Hitman” Hatton versus Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao was one of the most awaited boxing fight of the year, tagged as The Battle of East and West ended in round 2 with Pacquiao knocking Hatton to the ground with a powerful right hook- thus my inspiration for finding some shoes that made me think of boxing.  Yes, I’m finding parallels between high heels and boxing.  Perhaps I’m too out there but I feel like anything resembling sort of a high top lace up fits in… maybe?  Lets see…

Check it out:

Jean Paul Gaultier Satin Ballet Pump = $795.00


Although they say “satin ballet pump” something about the industrial look, satin and ribbons, makes me think boxing. Don’t see it? We’ll maybe I’m alone on that. Nevertheless, they add 5″ in height and I think they’re a knockout.

Dsquared2 Multicolor Lace-up Ankle Boot = $1,115.00


I know they are different, and somewhat crazy but you could definately rock these if worn to the right place (i.e. boxing match? rock concert? spice girl convention?)


But seriously, Sporty should have worn more shoes like those….

House of Holland Cutout Shoes = $445



Ann Demeulemeester Lace Up Boots = $795


Don’t really like the chunky heel here, but I can see some fight in them, right?

Alright, I can definately see it here though…


Ok, I’m done that was fun. I know this guy got the parallel though…


He’s sassy.


Tall Short Girl



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