Happy Cinco De Mayo!! Put your Party Shoes on People!!

EVERYONE! Happy Cinco DE Mayo, Possibly one of the most drunk holidays of the year, close to St. Patties, New Years, and the newly rising Halloween.

So why is Cinco De Mayo So awesome!? Because its all about CELEBRATING (a.k.a. Drinking and Being Merry)

No families, no exchanging of gifts,

Just straight up Fun, Drinking, Partying, and of course….Dancing…

Haha, That’s a favorite.

Alright, so how do you party all afternoon and night without dying of pain in your heels?

My honest answer? If you want to dance all night and party like a rockster, you forgo the hottest and tallest heels you have for something that can stand the test of time.

Yes, I said it…forgo hot heels. Shocked? You should be. I’m not saying forget your hot heels all together. I’m just saying, don’t wear the brand new ones or the ridiculously tall and uncomfortable ones just because they’re new and look hot.  If its a party night, i.e. cinco de mayo, you go to party, not to be wearing the hottest heels in the house because everyones to drunk to care how cute your shoes are.

Yes. I’ve done my research on what happens when you wear the hot new uncomfortable shoes. I’ve put all the data I’ve compiled on this research into a chart form for you to bettter understand:


As you can see, the longer I party in the hot heels, the more I drink over time to try and reduce the pain.  It just ends up badly at the end of the night.

So my advice?

Wear the shoes you know you can party in, not the cute hot ones you just got.

You’ll thank me later my little buttercups. I only say this because I love you.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!


Tall Short Girl


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