Happy National Barefoot Day!

Happy Monday and Happy 1st day of June Everyone! Today is actually National Barefoot Day!


National Barefoot Day, you say?!?!?

What’s that all about?

National Barefoot Day, June 1, was declared by the organization Soles4Souls. Find out more information about the day and it’s cause here.

Find out more info on the organization and Soles4Souls here.

Essentially, the day is meant to raise awareness on the benefits of donating and recycling your shoes, as opposed to just throwing them away. Basically, it is better for the environment and it helps someone else out. There are many people in the world walking around barefoot and could definitely use that old pair of Nike’s deteriorating in your closet.  Like, Kate Hudson, but I’m pretty sure that’s by choice…


Eco Friendly shoes, check out anything at Planet Shoes. Click the link below to get 10% off:
Coupon Code “tenoff” gives you 10% off your order at PlanetShoes.com. Free Shipping on orders over $49!

Planet shoes isn’t going to show you anything with too high a heel. But this Blog talks about a number of different designers with great eco-friendly and non-granola looking shoes!!

Now, if you haven’t already gotten that summer pair, now is the time. I’m a fan of these sandals because there is so little there, it looks like your barefoot. Plus they’re on sale today only through 6PM.com!

Vigotti Sandal

Monday 6/1 ONLY: Vigotti Shoes, Select Styles, only $9.95!



2 responses to “Happy National Barefoot Day!

  1. More people should go barefoot, even though the first set of ‘shoes’ looks a bit creepy 😉

  2. great idea! Value Village ships 10s of thousands of pairs to South America annually.

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