Heels that could kick some ass. . .


I once went to this self defence seminar in college where the instructor told the women in the room that if we were ever put into a situation where we needed to defend ourselves- one of our best weapons can potentially be our awesome footwear.  He’s right.  They can kick ass in more ways then one. Rar.

The step by step plan for using your heels as weapons is this:

Step 1: Spray the bastard with mase or perfume or anything that they might think is mase to potentially distract them.


Step 2: Remove your beautiful footwear.  (Strappy ones are harder so hopefully you’ve sprayed a lot of mase)


Step 3: Hit the bastard with your shoes relentlessly until you’ve had enough or he’s had enough- this depends on how pissed you are usually. (Focus on using the pointy part of your heel, this may be used to jab into their eyes of groin area in a stabbing manner).

Step 4: Strike a wonder woman pose and then run like hell (This is significantly easier when you don’t have heels on; hence, the beauty of step 2).


Now, here are some shoes for the upcoming season that I think could kick some serious asault ass.

Balenciaga, Fall ’09 awesomeness:


As always, architecturally awesome!

BCBG Max Azria Fall ’09:


Yves Saint Laurent:


Love the shoes, but lets just hope you’re never in the position to have to use ’em to defend yourself, k? Anyone who tries to mess will definately get a stiletto kick to the jollies that’s for sure!

Stay Sassy,

Tall Short Girl


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