Beckham launches dress collection at Fashion Week NYC

Victoria Beckham was not only the posh spice but her clothes are pretty posh themselves. Reflecting her own sense of style and love of sleek sillouettes she daybeud her line at NY Fashion Week (now called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week- which I still forget to call it!) in front of a more low-key small audience. ALeqM5jCp2Ybgd-hYMeayBQQYtfdNw1NbgALeqM5h-HuGQWhrKAf_5n70zbk2R-h1GAQALeqM5gRprF4z4ykEg0hU2T8PRh440BpTAALeqM5gVPGE9fbiSAKPOw3DECR31u8GBzA

You can see her own personal style in every piece as its almost like she just did it for herself (which I believe she told another reporter she did).  All these celebs using their own cash and fame to start their own brands and put their names on shoes, etc makes me with it was so easy for me to do the same, sigh.  There are certain celebs style I could care less for but despite all the attention she gets from the press I must say I appreciate her designs as I believe she truly does view fashion as a form of her own personal expression and not as a way to put her name on something and sell millions to a mass market of wannabes (no judgment, just saying).  So the real question I have is: when is the Mary Kate and Ashley Collection coming out? (Serious, I love those twinsies sense of style)

Stay Sassy,



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