New Shoes of the Week Post! 01.04.10

Wore these Blue Suede Shoes by Rock & Republic for my birthday and love them! My birthday is January 8th- same birthday as David Bowie and Elvis; hence, my strange inspiration to wear blue suede shoes. The shoes I own, everything else was borrowed for the special occasion.

Bought these bad boys from just a couple days before the big day and got them shipped to me for free! Surprisingly, very tall yet comfortable!

Here’s everything I else I wore with it…

That’s right, everything else…(Meaning, no underwear because it was my birthday! whoo hoo!)

Check them out!! MUST BUY! SO CUTE!
Celina Blue Suede Shoes by Rock & Republic

Loved the outfit and so did everyone else (and they weren’t just lying to me because it was my birthday…I mean come on, you see the shoes right? Adorable!!)

Sigh::: I love birthdays!

Stay Sassy!!


3 responses to “New Shoes of the Week Post! 01.04.10

  1. I would LOVE those in hot pink! fuschia is the best colour!…. The blue is great for now though! đŸ™‚

    • Too bad they don’t have them in pink. But they do in black. I actually ended up getting these <a href=" Fiesstaa – Fuchsia Suede“>Fuscia Madden’s I blogged about in relation to looking like a Louboutin Knockoff. I like them a lot, minus the velcro clasp which you can barely notice. Haven’t had a chance to wear them out yet. I buy more shoes than I have the chance to actually wear. True addict I guess.

      Stay Sassy Ms Lara!

  2. Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.


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