About TSG!

I’m short, like 5’4 minus two inches on a good posture day. Since I was a little girl- I’ve been into heels and could not wait until I was big enough to fit into a pair.

SP 75015 DIEZ SEAP 1/2

I love them! Love what they do to an outfit, to my legs, to everything! I simply love them. How much I love shoes and high heels is almost as disturbing as this guy and this picture….


(Sorry, but I had to give you a visual- I’m a very visual person.)

Then I started doing some research and realized that at the rate I was going- wearing heels everywhere, all the time- I would be crippled by 40.  That broke my heart, I went into a deep depression, and cried for a month…


So now, I just decided- for the sake of not crippling myself by the time I’m 40- I will chill out a little bit and wear some flats from time to time.

Nevertheless, this blog looks at shoes from my point of view- about 5 feet above the ground.


Tall Short Girl


4 responses to “About TSG!

  1. william wizer

    don’t worry. there are a ton of studies saying how heels damage feet and a ton of studies saying that there’s no solid proof of a correlation between wearing high heels and becoming crippled.
    there are a lot of women that are crippled and had almost never wear high heels and a lot of women that wore high heels almost all the time on their life and are still sane as an apple.
    if you love them so much and are able to wear them properly you won’t have any trouble unless you will have no matter what so wear them all you want and be proud of them.

  2. Thank you! Aware of the sketchers shoe and the like. But your business sounds interesting, would love to learn more.

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