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We’ve Moved!


Horray! I got the domain and so now this blog has been moved to!

Come stop by the new site and say hello!




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Healthier Sex Life from Heels? Well then…


In an earlier post I discussed research from some Italian doctors explaining how high heels helps you sex life. Well,  just passed by an older mention form fox news that also claims the same. Check out the article here.

My first thought is to say, show me the stilts, but they say only about a 15 degree incline is necessary (like 2 or so inches I believe).

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Snuggie Fashion Show


Fashion Snuggie

If this isn’t Runway Comedy, I do not know what is.  That’s right, Snuggie-  that ridiculous blanket had a fashion show at NY Fashion Week this year.  Check it out:

For those of you who do not know what a “Snuggie” is- check out the videos:

Ellen on Snuggie:

Snuggy Parody:



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