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Tree Huggers Beware! Ode to Eco Friendly Footwear (On Earth Day of Course)…

Oh eco friendly footwear, you have never truly been cute enough for me until now…

Tree huggers beware as some tall short women may begin to steel a bit of your thunder.


Not to worry, you will always have granola.

These Melissa Mary Jane Wedges offer a 3.75 extra inches of height and retail for $99 on eluxury.com.  The shoes are made from 99.99% recycled materials.


They are adorable!!! I’m kind of in love with how cute they are.

Or check out these Vivienne Westwood inspired heels.


Not as big of a fan of these but I’m a fan of the concept.

Also, although I’m more prone to go for the heels, I really think the flats in this collection are fantastic!  Someone who has them, please let me know if they score points in the comfort department as well!


Great work Melissa!


Tall Short Girl

P.S. Happy Earth Day!!