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Shorties, get your Booty on…

Love booties but not a walking pair of legs like Gisele?


How do you wear them without making you legs look like short tiney pegs?  First of all, understand that although the way you see booties pulled off on the runway often looks awesome, it doesn’t always translate into real life because most people aren’t 6’1 and 105 lbs. So, consider design elements that make sense to the eye to avoid drawing attention to certain parts of your body.  For instance,  pairing booties with a short jean skirt, like Gisele above, will not work for the shorter ladies.  Why? It draws attention to the leg and the chopping of the booty at the ankle and where the jean skirt starts makes you leg look shorter than it actually is, no one wants to do that! So when wearing booties, being monochromatic on the legs is rule #1.  Wear a sheer tight that’s the same color as the booty to keep the flow if your going to wear a skirt, also preferably which would be the same color.  Also, skinny jeans often look good with booties but make sure no skin around the calf or ankle is showing.  Keep the lines smooth- a simple design principle that can be applied to elongate the legs.

I’ve seen success when some short women wear booties and a just below the knee length A line skirt but this can only be pulled of if she’s got whimpy calves.  If you have shapley calves or muscle there, don’t even go there it will have you look like you have kankles of something! Yikes!



As a rule of thumb, if your on the shorter side like myself stay away from pairing booties with shorts, pencil skirts, cropped leggings, capris (which I usually stay away from anyway!).  Other than that, follow the monochromatic color scheme on the legs and you’ll look great.

Here are some booties that I’m in love with right now:

For the badass in me :)~ by Alexander McQueen(like $1,600 on Zappos)


For the librarian in me: Nanette Lepore ($395 @ Nordstrom):


Guiseppe Zanotti ($995 @ Nieman’s)


Prada ($695 @ Nieman’s)


Note: for these, I think a shorty could get away without being monochromatic all over the leg, but I think Prada should send me a pair so I can see for myself and let my subscribers know…(Size 36 Just email me for my address: TallShortGirl@gmail.com, thank you!)

As same goes for these Fendi’s ($830 @ eluxury.com)


Minus the Zanotti’s you can see I’m in a peep toe kind of mood!


Tall Short Girl