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Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide for Stiletto Lovers!: Stuffers & Stilettos!

First, the stocking stuffer must buy items for the women in your life that love tall shoes is without a doubt Foot Petals.  Foot petals is all about alleviating the love/hate relationship women have with hot shoes.  Put any of these smart buys in your lady’s stocking at she will love it (moreover, it might help you put an end to her foot complaints if she has any…)

Check out the best deals on stocking stuffers and stilettos below! If you don’t know her size, don’t worry! Heels.com can help you and if she definately doesn’t fit, they are returnable! Free shipping too! Great deal!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!


1.  Foot Petals Women’s Stiletto Stylist

Foot Petals Women's Stiletto Stylist Foot Petals Women’s Stiletto StylistDo you absolutely LOVE everything about your shoes except their lacking a little in the comfort department? Well, Foot Petals is here to save you from minimal wear with this combo pack. This pack has self-adhesive Heavenly Heelz back-of-heel cushions, Killer Kushion full insoles, Tip Toes ball-of-foot-cushions, Sole Stopperz non-slips, Haute Heelz heel pads, and strappy strips. All of which will improve the fit and function of your favorite stilettos, plus, flats, and even sandals.

2. Foot Petals Women’s Tip Toes 3 Pack & Killer Kushionz 3 Pack Cushion Combo

Foot Petals Women's Tip Toes 3 Pack & Killer Kushionz 3 Pack Cushion Combo Foot Petals Women’s Tip Toes 3 Pack & Killer Kushionz 3 Pack Cushion ComboDo you absolutely LOVE everything about your shoes except their lacking a little in the comfort department? Well, Foot Petals is here to save you from minimal wear with this combo pack. This pack includes self-adhesive Killer Kushions and Heavenly Heelz, in nude, grey, and black. The Killer Kushions are designed to stop feet from sliding forward, and to also protect bones and tissue, along with cushioning the entire foot, and the Heavenly Heelz are designed to keep your heel from slipping in and out of your shoes, which will also prevent blisters.


1.  Gideon Heel – White

Gideon Heel - White Gideon Heel – White Start off the season with this show stoppin’ heel from L.A.M.B. A white leather upper features intricate contrast stitching details throughout the upper with a black patent trim and covered 4 1/4 inch heel.


2.  Tailynn Heel – Black

Tailynn Heel - Black Tailynn Heel – Black Evoke vintage glamour with these t-strap heels from LAMB. The Tailynn heel features a gorgeous interwoven black leather upper with multi-colored piping, an open-toe, t-strap closing with a golden buckle, and finally a 4 ¼ inch stacked stiletto heel. You will feel like grabbing a martini and rolling your hair when you put on these chic and classic heels.

3.  Kochi Heel – Black

Kochi Heel - Black Kochi Heel – Black Pump it up with this perfect pump, Kochi by L.A.M.B. This heel sizzles with her mile high 4 ¾ inch covered heel, bold recessed ¼ inch platform, dual stitches on the rounded toe, and her chic black leather upper. Kochi is the epitome of a modern classic.

4.  Charlotte – Black Kidsuede

Charlotte - Black Kidsuede Charlotte – Black KidsuedeTake a bold approach to fashion in these dramatic heels from Dolce Vita. Charlotte features soft black suede with a rounded toe. An exposed side and front creates a cosmopolitan look that�s complete with a side zipper. A 4 ¼ inch heel and ¼ inch platform finishes off this daring look.

5.  Wren Boot – Black

Wren Boot - Black Wren Boot – BlackDon’t miss out on one of this season’s must-have styles – check out these stylish knee boots from DV by Dolce Vita. Wren is a leather knee boot in black leather featuring a 3 3/4 inch heel and a pointed toe. Three straps at the ankle decorated with large golden studs and golden buckles give this knee boot the fashion forward edge you’ve been looking for.

Stay Sassy and Happy Turkey Day!!!!


Healthier Sex Life from Heels? Well then…


In an earlier post I discussed research from some Italian doctors explaining how high heels helps you sex life. Well,  just passed by an older mention form fox news that also claims the same. Check out the article here.

My first thought is to say, show me the stilts, but they say only about a 15 degree incline is necessary (like 2 or so inches I believe).

Stay Sassy,


Celebrating the Shoe-Shopaholics of the World with a 12 Step Program of Sexy Shoes

Ever gone into a mall to get something completely unrelated to footwear but then walk out with like 3 new pairs of high-heels?

How could this happen!?!?You wonder….

Now if this has happened to you on 3 or more occasions, you may have what is considered a shoe-shopping problem.

Problem you say?!? Nonsense….If you call looking fabulous a problem, we’re not speaking the same language right?

This post is dedicated to the shoe-obsessed shopaholic women of the world.

Don’t fight it ladies, its natural.

Stay sassy.

These are the original Twelve Steps as published by Alcoholics Anonymous (and then edited to fit my specific problem with heels and 12 of my current shoe obsessions)

STEP 1: We admit we  are powerless over adorable shoes and shoe sales—that our lives had become unmanageable and we take a big first step with some seriously  hot shoes!

Iconic Sandal - Black

STEP 2: We come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves, such as the hottest white summer sandals I’ve seen just yet that could restore us to sanity.

    Pamona Sandal - White

STEP 3: Make a decision to turn our will, and our plastic shopping buddy named Visa, over to the shiny scissor gods. But before you do that, you want to buy these babies that go with just about everything, so when you look down at your shoes to cry about losing your favorite shopping buddy (Visa) , you will smile because at least your wearing some classy and timeless shoes that you can wear about every day of the week:

Genevieve Heel - Black

STEP 4: Go searching and take a fearless moral and material inventory of ourselves and our excessive wardrobes while wearing these Charles David Shoes which I believe every woman should feel morally obligated to own:

Engage Pump - Black

STEP 5: Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to the nice sales lady at Nieman’s  the exact nature of our wrongs …

    Angee Sandal - Silver

STEP 6: Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of our character- unless we don’t want to because shoe shopping is too much fun…

Ziska Heel - Natural

STEP 7: Humbly ask Michael who keeps calling from MasterCard to remove our shortcomings, and lower our monthly payment so we can get the proper footwear to proceed with step 8.

Reena - Gold Snake

Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all, right after finding the proper footwear to make such a particular confession.
Aubrey - Grape Fizz

Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others, or take away from precious time trying on shoes at the Nordstrom shoe sale…ohh Nordstrom…
Lesley - Grey Leather

STEP 10:
Continued to take personal inventory and footwear inventory – when we were wrong or gluttonous promptly admitted it.
Ikina - Deep Raspberry

STEP 11:
Sought through prayer, meditation, and shopping to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His Will for us and the power to carry that out in the hottest shoes we can possibly find this minute…
Fresno - Orange Multi Satin

STEP 12:
Having had a spiritual shoe awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to shoe shopaholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
Carlo Pump - White

Note: This post is not intended to help those looking to get rid of their shoe shopping substance abuse problem- it will only strengthen it.  If your looking for someone to help you confront and eliminate your substance abuse problem for fine ass footwear, I am not your girl.  However, if you are looking for a friend to help you stay up to date on the sexiest heels with the hottest deals- I’m that girl, at your service…

Stay Sassy,