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Ten T-Straps that Talk For You

Want to make a point but not quite sure how to make it?

Look no further. Its all in the shoes. I’ve selected ten fantastic T-Strap shoes that will do the talking for you.

J.Garten shoe above.

To explain why I chose T-Straps I will start with an analogy, T-Straps are to Sexy as Mary Janes are to Adorable. Why? A number of reasons. For instance, the shoe design is simple yet functional and there is something luring about the strap running up the top of your foot. Just like the rule of “showing skin” applies to clothing, it also applies to footwear.  By this, I mean, show the skin that’s appropriate and use clothing (and footwear) to literally- tease the eye. Drawing the eye up with the strap- downright sexy.  The perfect balance of classy and sexy makes it one of my absolute favorite styles. Nevertheless, there is a T-Strap for every statement.  If you see something you like, just click on it for a closer look.

Madrid - Orange/Yellow

1. I’m confident, smart, and creative- don’t mess with me. These shoes are for a woman that says what she means and means what she says. I would wear this with dark skinny jeans and a black top or a long slimming black dress to some place new and artsy- i.e. gallery opening, new restaurant, etc.  Or I would wear this if I just felt like saying, my shoes are loud, I’ve got attitude, you got a problem with that?
Malaya Heel - Black
2.  I may not be smarter than you, but my shoes are. People get senile so brains go away, looks go away, everything goes away. One of the only things that people really can keep forever is their style and hopefully, their wardrobe. Thus, I would wear these shoes if I knew I would be seeing someone who thinks they’re smarter than me and always tries to be-little my awesome insights.  The point being- you may be book smart, but I’m style smart and really, that’s a million times more valuable.

Skittle - Pink/Black Pat
3.  I’m a Rockstar, so don’t try to keep up, you’ll hurt yourself sweetheart… These are so confident and oh-so bold. If I saw a girl at a party wearing these I would be watching her all night because she would be the first one to start dancing on the coffee table. If you’re going to wear these, be ready for a fun night and a lot of attention.

Frisco T-strap - Honey

4.  I’m simple, yet complicated, and undeniably gorgeous. The lines are classic, yet unique.  The buckle is small and simple.  The monochromatic color can even blend with the foot from a distance.  Beautiful, simple, and for any woman who wants to instantly feel like “a natural woman”…
Brandy T-strap - Red
5.  I am one sexy mother f*er who is in the mood to make some naughty decisions tonight. If you want to say- I’m hot, single (or just bored of my current relationship) and you should probably buy me a drink tonight– these are you’re shoes. Whenever I wear red shoes- I always get free drinks: coincidence?- I think not.

Allan Heel - Gold
6.  I’m kind of a big deal so you’re lucky to be hanging out with me. This shoe is for a more high- maintenance mama.  They are downright stunning and definitely for an occasion where you want to show off a little. If you’re wearing them out for a girls night, they definitely say that you’re the hot one of the group and you know it (there’s always a “hot” one).  If you’re wearing them out on a dinner date they say, “I’m having the most expensive thing on the menu, I’ll probably only eat a bite, and you’re paying for it .”

983908 Heel - Pearl

7.  I’m the classiest female in the room– hands down. The moment I laid eyes on these, I fell in love. These shoes make me want to wear Ralph Lauren, pearls,  and tie a sweater around my neck- no joke.  There are tons of cute little details that don’t do the picture justice so click on them to get a better look.  They are adorable, comfortable, and pure feminine class.

Class 10 - Silver
8.  I’m short, sassy, and I’ve got sh*t to do. I usually wear flats when I’m in a no-nonsense mood. Heels naturally take more energy to dress, wear, and walk in; thus, if I feel like my day is going to be filled with running errands, standing, or other practical serious things I usually wear flats.  These ones are very comfortable, still trendy and feminine.

9.  I’m so sexy, I should probably be illegal.  In fact you can’t even look at me unless your over the age of 18 I’m so hot. If you think these shoes look hot in the picture,  you may just fall in love with yourself all over again if you put them on.  Wear them out to dinner with a little black dress if you want to say, I’m dangerously sexy so buy me jewelery.
Carline Heel - Natural

10. People love me and I’m pretty much to cutest female on the planet. A natural snake print upper features a silver leather trim with a peep toe front detailed with a luscious t-strap design attached to an adjustable ankle strap sitting above a 3/4 inch stacked platform and silver 4 inch heel. The shoes are downright adorable and even comfortable.  I saw a girl wearing these in a restaurant bathroom one time and I almost asked her to go out with me on a date so she could meet my parents I fell so in love.  Point being- they’re adorable and feminine.

Note to the shorter and the wiser – Take note of how you wear the shoes. Due to the fact that the design puts a strap around the ankle, shorter ones should pair the shoes with bottoms that are more slimming and elongating to avoid a choppy effect of the ankle strap. Bottom line, avoid tight mini skirts and capris- it will make your legs look shorter.

Stay Sassy,

Jelly Time!


Jellies, you know, the shoes made of PVC plastic- in various shapes and styles sometimes infused with glitter are coming back, for like the 4th time.

Here is a little history on Jellies:

Jellies were designed after WWII when there was a shortage of leather in Europe.  All the Italians were freaking out and major Italian factories were fighting against each other with golf clubs from Scotland over the last few bits of leather to make their shoes and sustain their factories.


In fact, this leather shortage was getting so bad that people were walking around barefoot….


By the way, is that guy in the back wearing a sack of potatoes on his head?

Anyway, the leather shortage was a real problem so they had to find other materials to use to create shoes…


PVC Plastic! = Flexible, relatively durable, and inexpensive!

And Jellies were born. They were a hit in the 80’s, came back around in the 90’s, I remember wearing them a ton as a kid and LOVED them because of the glitter- even though they sometimes gave me blisters.

They came “in” and “out” again briefly a couple spring seasons and now they are “in ” again.

So you ask…who is doing Jellies for under $100?

Kate Spade = $63 (Zappos)


Michael Kors = $63 (Zappos)


Stuart Weitzman = $99 (Zappos)


Tory Burch = $95 (Nordstrom)


How about who is doing Jellies for under 200?

Givenchy = $170 (Saks)


Cesare Paciotti = $128 (Zappos)


Jimmy Choo = $175 (Nordstrom or Saks)


Ralph Lauren Karly Jelly Sandal = $195 (endless.com)


Chloe Flat Jelly Sandal = $125 (Saks)


Those are the ones that stuck out to me but I’m sure you can find  much more for less that are equally as adorable!

And last but not least my favorites with the heel by Melissa which are “Jellies” but made from 99.9% ]recycled plastic!!


She also does these cute little numbers with a heel as well….


Again, I’m a fan.


Tall Short Girl